Babak Jafaripur was born in 1980 in the north of Iran in the city of Ardabil in a simple working family. If it wasn’t Babak’s grandfather Mahbub, Babak's childhood and youth in a large Iranian family could be briefly called ordinary. Among 35 grandchildren of Babak’s grandfather Mahbub, Babak was a favorite grandson. "I always understood that my grandfather was a special person, people were standing in a queue to see him every day. There were many griefs and tears in those queues, and I saw how my grandfather talked, he treated with his hands, wrote something, sometimes whispered. And sometimes it was terrible, sometimes strange but also was very fascinating. Most of the time I spent in his house, not in the parent's place. He was my friend, mentor, sometimes he serves as a father. We were very close to each other, I was almost always near to him at the time his therapy sessions. " Babak remembers that his grandfather was "a huge, tall, broad-shouldered man with good health and a clear mind." He was born in the 19th century in a remote village in the north of Iran, Mahbub was a poorly educated man who was taught the letter and read only at adolescence. "Authentic Nugget" Mahbub has avoided prison three times and once public execution, proving to the unyielding servants of authority his true gift of healing. "Surprisingly, his grandfather did not know and did not understand himself what kind of energy he had in his hands, but he always convincingly said that this energy was given to him by God, and I believe it. Otherwise how can we explain the hundreds of facts of getting rid of ailments and diseases?"

At 114 years old over 3 days before his death, Mahbub put his divine gift into Babak's hands. "His body was shaking, I realized at my age of 14 that he was being taken, that I was about to loose him, he was holding my hands and whispering something." Among all the words of an exhausted, close person for me, I heard only one thing: use it for good. "

"According to the plan, Grandfather Makhbub had to be buried in the grave of his grandfather, but when the grave was unearthed, they saw that the great-grandfather's body was mummified, that it was impossible for the Iranian climate." Who was the great-great-I did not know, but guessed that the gift was an inherited " .

Or precise SMART POWER

Until 18 years, the consciousness of the gift did not come to Babak and only the case helped to remember what the dying grandfather whispered to him. "I was tired going from work and saw a little girl screaming on the ground. There was a blood from the wound on her head. I grabbed her in shock, trying to give her first aid, when suddenly after 2-3 minutes I realized that without any facilities the blood stopped. My hands’s energy stopped bleeding, I have realized this clearly. " From the age of 18 Babak began to practice energy treatment in the family and among friends. Babak cured his mother’s migraine which bother her for a long time also he was trying to cure brother-in-law from a headache at this tome Babak discovered a hernia at him. "When he felt the burning heat between the vertebrae and his legs began to rise from the energy that I had put into his head, I clearly realized that this energy is not just healing, it is smart and precise!"

In 2011 Babak got into a terrible accident in a car, his uncle was driving. From the striking wave Babak’s nephews who were sitting behind without safety belt flew in front of Babak sitting, but they were saved. Babak’s hand and 3 ribs were broken, his jaw was shattered into 4 parts and his shoulders were also broken. Unconscious he was taken to the ambulance to the hospital, where after measuring the pulse doctors found him dead. "Back-from-the-dead" patient surprised everyone, getting up from the couch without any help. But the surprise grew exponentially, when the anesthesiologist injected a dose and again a dose, trying to inject Babak into general anesthesia. "I was asked about the accident, injecting drugs into the vein but I still keeping talking in details what had happened to me. I did not understand that they were waiting not for my story, they were waiting its end but I didn’t fell asleep." The case completed by inhalation anesthesia: at the end Babak fell into a coma. "Even my relatives who I did not know came to me to say goodbye, everyone was crying over my body, everyone was in black. I heard all their words, I saw their faces not only at the time of their presence in the hospital, but from the moment they reached me from their homes. It was torture, I shouted that I was alive, I had an hysterica, I said that I will be survive, but nobody heard me. But I clearly heard how the doctors stood over me and talked about the overdose, they were afraid of the investigation which would end with their execution in case of my death. "

"One day sensor was torn off from my finger, devices was showed my death: dozens of doctors gathered around my body, I went crazy, I ran to the nurse in the corridor shouting to put this wrong sensor back on my finger, when suddenly she screamed with triumphs she said that the cause of my last death the fact that the sensor had fell ! I felt at that moment that I can reach the people’s brain by the power of energy! " After 10 days, Babak left the coma. "Two weeks after my release from the hospital , I went to the head surgeon to the hospital for inspection, where he found with fear and admiration the fact of bone splicing." Instead of the 6 months, it took me 14 days for rehabilitation and full recovery! Well, as you can guess, they all have stiches out of me and did not take chances of anesthesia! "

Since 2015, Babak has become a frequent and already long-awaited guest in Russia. He managed to work with famous athletes, politicians and businessmen. Today Babak see patiens in Moscow by appointment.

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