The patient (83 years old) come to Babak with skin cancer

The patient (83 years old) come to Babak with skin cancer, as the doctors were powerless to help her with her illness. Babak Japarifour gladly helped the patient and the illness got better. We are infinitely happy to receive so sincere and kind words, which are said from the heart.

Thanks to magnificent actress Cathrine Archarova for her trust

At Babak’ session there was an African beautiful girl Diana, from South Sudan.
The girl had complaints about pains in the spine because of a lot of physical exertion, as well she also had pain in the cervical region.
On the video you can see how much the energy works in the girl's body 

How Babak is happy to help people with their illness and makes them feel better!
At Babak’s session today was a nice man, Supogaliev Esbulat, who was brought by his daughter Supogaliev Aizhan from the Saratov region, Stepnoye village.
The man’s legs felt numbness. His diagnos was: myanias of the cervical region, multiple hernias of the spine.
Without the stick, the man could not walk! Especially to do such movements as you can see on the video were very difficult for him to do.
And now look at the video please❗️ how this man abruptly and easily raises his legs and it is not difficult for him. The man did not believe that this could happen to him, that his legs would again perform such movements.
A man left Babak without a stick !!!
He was an incredibly happy

A beautiful woman, Rosa Pak from Tula, came to Babak for a session, and she come to Babak with multiple diseases, these diseases were excruciating a wiman for many years. In the video, we can see how the nose and jaw are twitching, these parts were most damaged after the operation.
Also, before the session, the woman had stomach and back aches and immediately during the session the woman felt relief of her condition

The wonderful family of Gulbahira from Kazakhstan has already come with her to Babak for a session with the hope of healing.
A woman has a fracture of the spine
After the first two sessions, the woman had significant improvements, Gulbahira can now independently swim, work out in the simulator and to sit without any help, even more in her legs sensitivity began to appear !!
Gulbahira was examined by the doctors and they were very surprised by the result, after a year and a half there was no progress, progress only appeared after Babak's session!
Every day miracles happen in our office!
Is there something more valuable in life than helping people?
If it is possible, Babak does not deny anyone and helps to a lot of people

А wonderful girl Petrova Lyudmila Ivanovna from the city of Cheboksary, the Chuvash Republic arrived at the appointment to Babak.
For a long time the girl was suffering by stomach pains and digestive problems. At the session, the girl came with a headache and immediately after the session, this pain disappeared and the condition improved.

Dear friends, I would like to show you a session how I work with patients.
Sergei came to us from Rostov-on-Don. The young man had an accident, as a result of which there was numbness of the left arm, the hand lost sensitivity. The young man had a lot of operations, and the veins were transplanted into the arm from his leg.
After my work with the patient, the hand became sensible, began to move, the pulse began to be felt.
We continue our work with Sergey and he will tell you the results himself and we will gladly share this with you. Miracles happen.

Patient Asif talks about his feelings after the session

Patient Asif talks about his feelings after the session. Thanks to our patients for the feedback! It is so nice to hear it, because you fill Babak with the energy. Babak is happy very to help people and to heal them from different diseases.

Babak wants his gift, his healing’s energy has been scientifically proven.

Babak wants his gift, his healing’s energy has been scientifically proven. That there will be scientific confirmation. That is why, Babak works with the patients in front of the cameras and while his healing highly qualified doctor comments on it.
Meanwhile, let's talk about the process on the video: the girl during the session was connected to the devices of electrocardiography, doctors were measured the pulse, blood pressure, bloodstream on the neck and on the legs. The doctor, the head of the department of kinesiology, commented on everything that was happening. His opinion was that everything that happens during the session affects only in a positive way.

At Babak’s session, the girl brought the results of her survey after the first session. Two weeks later she did a survey and brought it to us to share her achievements with us. 
The girl come to Babak with multiple hernias of the spine, also for 13 years the girl had a displacement of the pelvic bones and as a result, one leg was shorter than the other by 1.5 cm!
In the pictures (at the top of the pictures before the session, at the lower pictures after the session), we can see that the spine has returned to normal, the tension in the back (which is marked red) was very strong, and after seeing that the red in the back is much less.
Also, due to the fact that the spine has returned to normal, the difference in the legs (1.5 cm) is now gone!
Is this not a miracle ??
Babak becomes even happier when he sees such incredible results

At Babak’s session before his flight to Canada for the international tournament "Stu Sells Oakville Tankard 2017" was Sidorova Anna, not just an intelligent and beautiful woman, but also the captain of the female curling team, Honored Master of Sports of Russia, twice European champion, 7 the multiple champion of Russia, participant of the Olympic Games.
Anna and her parents after a few sessions at Babak feel much better, there have been many positive changes and that Anna is happy to share it with you
Also we wish Anna victories and successes in her achievements

Today a family from Stavropol region flew to Babak, Leyla Magomedkhabibovna come wifh her husband Shabiev Gazinach Kabyevich, who has been suffering from tumors in his head for many years. After the sessions with Babak Leyla and Gazinakh flew to Germany, to the International Brain Institute in Hanover, for the survey and they brought results with them to show us that the three small tumors of the man had disappeared !!! And one, the largest tumor, which was the most inflamed - decreased!
Aren’t there are an amazing things happening to the reality at the hands of Babak? !!
After such significant changes for the better, the man feels much better, his condition has improved and his sleep has returned to normal!
Leyla and Gazinah said thanks Babak for help! 
Babak is very happy that he helped this wonderful family!
Because the most important thing in the World it is the health of family and friends.

At Babak’s session there was a wonderful man Vladislav Vasilievich Naumov from Belgorod. The man come to Babak with various diseases, one of which was a high blood sugar, from 22-27, sugar fell down to 6.7-7.5 and continues to be normal and this is without different diets and tablets! When Vladislav Vasilyevich was taking any analyses, doctors did not believe that such a thing could happen!
Miracles happen!

At the reception at Babak was a wonderful Nichiporchuk Tamara, who came to Babak for a reception from the Moscow region of Odintsovo.
The woman come to Babak with problems in the spine, pain in the hip joints and complaints of general malaise in the limbs of the body, the woman could not raise both hands, but as you can see on video overcoming the pain the energy has worked in the hands and joints, the pain in these places worried the woman for many years and there was a miracle - the hands rised up !!!

An example of Babak’s session

An example of Babak’s session how he treats patients. At Babak’s session was a young beautiful girl Firuza 15 years old.
Please pay attention that the girl during the session raised her hand in an unnatural position. Any person can’t raise a hand in a such position at all desire.
The girl come to Babak with complaints on a back pain because of rachiocampsis , pain in the knee joints and pain in the stomach. Also, there were complaints of orthostatic hypotension (darkens in the eyes and dizzy when moving from a horizontal position to a sitting or vertical).
Because of the above indispositions, the girl could not live active lifestyle, go in for sports.
After the second session, Firuza feels much better, pains in the knees and back have disappeared, the headache, dizzy don’t bother a girl anymore. The girl has already started go in gor sports. She is very happy and says thanks to Babak for his help.

Dear friends, Babak never remains indifferent to the requests of people from the village

Dear friends, Babak never remains indifferent to the requests of people from the village. Therefore, on a day off he went with a great pleasure to help people.
Meanwhile, the shooting of the programs about Babak actively continues on different channels.So this time Babak came to the village Petrovo, Ryazan region,where he was invited by an elderly woman Galina.
Babak really liked the expanses and beauty of nature in Russia, and the kind people who accepted and communicated with him as a relative inspire him a lot.

At the session Babak had Kalinina Marina Vladimirovna, who had problems with the spine, lower back and cervical department. The girl was suffering terrible pains.
During the session, you can see what movements the girl is doing, which resemble stretch elements, which help stretch some muscle groups. After the session, Marina felt significant improvements and a decrease in her pain, stiffness in the cervical region passed.

Babak Jafaripur has extensive experience working with many athletes of the Russian national Olympic team, he works with different areas of the sports.
And today, once again at Babak’s session there was an athlete, Honored Master of Sports of Russia, a wonderful figure skater, Olympic champion-  Dmitry Solovyov, who feels much better and feels a rush of energy after the sessions.
Dmitry shares with you his impressions of the session with Babak
We wish Dmitri success in his professional career.

At the second session Babak had a man Evgenii, who has problems with the spine, chest trouble and numbness of the legs.
After the first session, Eugene felt significant improvements, the man felt himself full of energy.
Evgenie moves on a wheelchair and can not move his feet in everyday life!
And what a miracle we can see at the session-Eugene raises his leg and stirs her! Incredible!

The most important thing is to believe in a miracle and it will be happen.

А wonderful woman, Galina Stanislavovna from the Ryazan region, came to Babak with words of pleasure and gratitude, you can watch a story about her on the NTV channel "New Russian sensations: a healer. New tests" with the participation of Babak.
The woman felt herself better and that is why she is very happy
Also we are very pleased that the doctors of traditional medicine supported the strength of Babak energy and confirmed the improvement of Galina Stanislavovna and said that there were improvements with Galina’s health.

At Babak Jafaripur’s session there was Sergei Kosilkin. The man was tormented by pains in his left hand, the arm did not rise above the shoulder level at all. The man even wanted to do an operation. And what a miracle happened that after Babak's session his hand started to rise !! (you can see it yourself watching the video) And the operation was not required!

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