Anastasia Volochkova

Anastasia Volochkova - Russian ballet dancer and public figure. Honored Artist of Russia, National Artist of Karachay-Cherkessia and People's Artist of North Ossetia-Alania.

А wonderful woman, Galina Stanislavovna from the Ryazan region, came to Babak with words of pleasure and gratitude, you can watch a story about her on the NTV channel "New Russian sensations: a healer. New tests" with the participation of Babak.
The woman felt herself better and that is why she is very happy
Also we are very pleased that the doctors of traditional medicine supported the strength of Babak energy and confirmed the improvement of Galina Stanislavovna and said that there were improvements with Galina’s health.

At Babak’s session before his flight to Canada for the international tournament "Stu Sells Oakville Tankard 2017" was Sidorova Anna, not just an intelligent and beautiful woman, but also the captain of the female curling team, Honored Master of Sports of Russia, twice European champion, 7 the multiple champion of Russia, participant of the Olympic Games.
Anna and her parents after a few sessions at Babak feel much better, there have been many positive changes and that Anna is happy to share it with you
Also we wish Anna victories and successes in her achievements

А wonderful girl Petrova Lyudmila Ivanovna from the city of Cheboksary, the Chuvash Republic arrived at the appointment to Babak.
For a long time the girl was suffering by stomach pains and digestive problems. At the session, the girl came with a headache and immediately after the session, this pain disappeared and the condition improved.

The patient (83 years old) come to Babak with skin cancer

The patient (83 years old) come to Babak with skin cancer, as the doctors were powerless to help her with her illness. Babak Japarifour gladly helped the patient and the illness got better. We are infinitely happy to receive so sincere and kind words, which are said from the heart.

Babak Jafaripur has extensive experience working with many athletes of the Russian national Olympic team, he works with different areas of the sports.
And today, once again at Babak’s session there was an athlete, Honored Master of Sports of Russia, a wonderful figure skater, Olympic champion-  Dmitry Solovyov, who feels much better and feels a rush of energy after the sessions.
Dmitry shares with you his impressions of the session with Babak
We wish Dmitri success in his professional career.

Today a family from Stavropol region flew to Babak, Leyla Magomedkhabibovna come wifh her husband Shabiev Gazinach Kabyevich, who has been suffering from tumors in his head for many years. After the sessions with Babak Leyla and Gazinakh flew to Germany, to the International Brain Institute in Hanover, for the survey and they brought results with them to show us that the three small tumors of the man had disappeared !!! And one, the largest tumor, which was the most inflamed - decreased!
Aren’t there are an amazing things happening to the reality at the hands of Babak? !!
After such significant changes for the better, the man feels much better, his condition has improved and his sleep has returned to normal!
Leyla and Gazinah said thanks Babak for help! 
Babak is very happy that he helped this wonderful family!
Because the most important thing in the World it is the health of family and friends.

Patient Asif talks about his feelings after the session

Patient Asif talks about his feelings after the session. Thanks to our patients for the feedback! It is so nice to hear it, because you fill Babak with the energy. Babak is happy to help people and heal them from different diseases.

At Babak’s session there was a wonderful man Vladislav Vasilievich Naumov from Belgorod. The man come to Babak with various diseases, one of which was a high blood sugar, from 22-27, sugar fell down to 6.7-7.5 and continues to be normal and this is without different diets and tablets! When Vladislav Vasilyevich was taking any analyses, doctors did not believe that such a thing could happen!
Miracles happen!

At Babak’s session, the girl brought the results of her survey after the first session. Two weeks later she did a survey and brought it to us to share her achievements with us. 
The girl come to Babak with multiple hernias of the spine, also for 13 years the girl had a displacement of the pelvic bones and as a result, one leg was shorter than the other by 1.5 cm!
In the pictures (at the top of the pictures before the session, at the lower pictures after the session), we can see that the spine has returned to normal, the tension in the back (which is marked red) was very strong, and after seeing that the red in the back is much less.
Also, due to the fact that the spine has returned to normal, the difference in the legs (1.5 cm) is now gone!
Is this not a miracle ??
Babak becomes even happier when he sees such incredible results

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